10 Painfully Long Movie Marathons You Have To Do At Least Once

10. The Dark Knight Trilogy - 458 Minutes

Warner Bros.

The Films: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

Just How Long? 7.8 Hours

Why You Have To Try It: The shortest series on this list, The Dark Knight Trilogy comes in at less than eight hours, making it a great entry into the world of movie marathons. With Christopher Nolan paying such close attention to the previous films when crafting a new entry, there'€™s a wealth of throwbacks that make the trilogy more strongly linked than some series that are planned out from the outset.

Many marathons live and die on their variety, but here the beauty is how linked everything is. The themes of fear and chaos, while prevalent in one particular film, run through the trilogy and with no opening credits it€™'s almost like one (really long) movie. It€™'s a fun way to get used to sitting still watching a screen for hours on end (which, for the record, is a lot more tiring than by any reckoning it should be) and helps bring a whole other appreciation of how well crafted this shining example of blockbuster cinema is.


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