10 Painfully Underrated Sci-Fi Horror Movies

9. Event Horizon (1997)

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Event Horizon is infamous for the studio forcing a brutal 35-minutes worth of cuts that undoubtedly affected the film's quality. However, to write it off, for this reason, would mean to miss out on one of the most unique, violent and crazy sci-fi horror experiences ever made.

The film follows an experimental space-ship that went missing for many years that suddenly reappears without a reason. We follow a crew that has been sent to investigate what happened to it, and the less said the better. The movie is never dull and moves at the perfect pace for the increasingly scary mystery to unfold.

With a gritty, heavy-metal-album-cover-like style, the film looks fantastic with the opening act of the crew wandering the cold, rusted corridors of the titular ship having a phenomenal eery atmosphere.

There's all the improbable, yet just plausible enough, science you'd expect from a space adventure and the film boasts some of the most brutal gore from the 90's. The performances across the board are also fantastic fun, with Sam Neil stealing every scene he is in.

The most obvious victim of the studio meddling is the mad rush at the hour mark the film takes to the climax, as a villain comes out of nowhere and utter insanity is thrown at the screen until the credits roll.

We can always hope they'll release the original cut and bring to a close a frustrating slice of cinema history, but until then Event Horizon still remains an extremely entertaining film.

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