10 Painfully Underrated Sci-Fi Horror Movies

8. The Void (2016)

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Lovecraftian horror is a surprisingly rare occurrence in the vast expanse of cinema. The fear of the unknown, entities beyond our comprehension and secret cults whose only desire is to cause suffering through a cosmic terror is rife with possibilities.

The crowdfunded 'The Void' finally stepped in to fill this niche and gives fans of the genre the visceral treat they were craving. Shot on a budget of only £63, 969 the film looks shockingly gorgeous with chilling, dark visuals and eerily lit cinematography.

There's a lot to love in this one with some phenomenal special effects work that truly bring to life the grotesque monster scenes that give John Carpenters 'The Thing' a run for its money. When the aliens and voyages to other dimensions show up, as is the norm in Lovecraft, the film's cinematography especially gleams.

There's also a brilliant tone of utter dread kept throughout, and the plot leaves you with just enough mysteries to allow room to form your own interpretations.

The film does get hampered by some finicky editing and the plot can get carried away in its own mythos to the point it can be hard to follow, but these are minor issues and allows the film to reward repeat viewings.

For a film shot on the budget of a ham sandwich, this is incredibly impressive stuff and an absolutely unmissable feature for fans of sci-fi horror.

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