10 Perfect Fantasy Castings For Upcoming Comic Book Movies

10. Dane DeHaan, Olivia Wilde, Josh Gadd & David Tennant As Matt Reeves’ Villains

Sony Pictures

Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie with Robert Pattinson is set to star four villains from the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery, with a healthy spread of morality, methodology and mania.

DeHaan is the fantasy pick for Firefly, Wilde as Catwoman, Gad as Penguin and Tennant as the Riddler. With the Batman villains arguably (is it even an argument, actually?) the best in the business, Reeves needs to go all out on a killer cast.

Firefly is the most intriguing, as he’s the smallest name of the bunch and is yet to get much major spotlight. As a hideous freak covered in burns and now deranged, Dane DeHaan’s unique brand of acting feels perfect.

There are a few feline actresses being touted for Catwoman, with Alison Brie and Sofia Boutella also popular. Fresh off her directorial success with Book Smart though, Wilde will likely be looking for a major role.

For Josh Gad, just take a look at his social media... he’s campaigned heavily for the role and seems great for a DeVito style comedic Penguin.

Finally, David Tennant. Having excelled as the Purple Man in Jessica Jones and in Good Omens, he brings the perfect level of superior, over the top drama.


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