10 Perfect Fantasy Castings For Upcoming Comic Book Movies

9. John Krasinski & Emily Blunt As Mr Fantastic & Sue Storm

Matt Sayles/AP

A twofer here as it’s just too cute that the real life married couple are apparently huge front runners for the role. It feels like it might be a little awkward in the Krasinski/Blunt house if only one of them nabs the part too, so in fantasy casting land, they really should both get it.

Neither of them are strangers to the MCU, either. Emily Blunt was one of the big contenders for Black Widow, while Krasinki was some executives’ first choice for Captain America; he even got as far as a costume test before deciding the part wasn’t for him.

Clearly that hasn’t soured Marvel on him though, as they’re interested in him for Reed Richards, which frankly feels a much better use of The Office star’s talents.

Quite how those Winter Soldier scenes where Cap seemed slightly nervy and tetchy around Black Widow would’ve gone with a married couple is interesting to think about. When you look at the amazing job Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans did though, you’ve got to be happy Marvel held off on Krasinski and Blunt until now.

With two recent versions of the Fantastic Four flopping, some built in chemistry feels like a safe bet.


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