10 Perfect Movies With One Glaring Flaw

Perfection just within reach...

Looper Bruce Willis
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It's impossible to make a perfect film. Even the best have a flaw or two holding them back, whether it's a mishandled plot point, poor character development, a weak performance, or unsatisfying finale. Or sometimes, more than one of these at once.

Such is the case with the following films, each one an astounding achievement on its own, only held back ever so slightly by brief narrative fumbles, unnecessary plot twists, and other forgivable but difficult to overlook flaws. They don't ruin the films discussed, but they do leave a mark on its quality.

From beloved superhero flicks that took their finales too far to time travel movies that lost sight of their twisty premise and classic slashers that stopped just short of perfection, then, here are 10 otherwise perfect movies stuck with one glaring flaw.

This article will contain major spoilers for each of the films discussed. Consider yourselves warned!

10. Do We Really Need Time Travel? - Looper (2012)

Looper Bruce Willis
TriStar Pictures

Rian Johnson's twisty hit Looper is a great little film in which hitman Joseph Gordon-Levitt clashes with his older self (Bruce Willis) whilst both grapple with a devastating future.

The mechanics of Looper's premise comes from its time travel, in which people are sent back in time to be killed, so their murder is easily cleaned up. Gordon-Levitt is one of the killers tasked with disposing of future targets, a job that becomes too personal when his future self is sent back.

It's actually quite clever the way Looper constructs itself -- when Gordon-Levitt is hurt, Willis gets hurt too -- but the idea that people need to be sent to the past to be cleanly killed is slightly dampened by the fact that the villains kill Willis's wife in his timeline, and easily cover it up by setting a fire.

If it's that easy to cover up a murder when you're an all-powerful, time-manipulating gangster, why bother sending people backward in time at all?


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