10 Perfect Movies With One Glaring Flaw

9. The Last Act - Sunshine (2007)

Looper Bruce Willis
Fox Searchlight Pictures

For the most part (specifically, the first eighty minutes or so), Sunshine is a remarkable film, complete with awe-inspiring visuals, fully-developed characters and morally challenging assessments of human nature.

But in the last act, Danny Boyle's sci-fi masterstroke suddenly loses track of itself, switching from a thematically challenging tale of space exploration into a frantic slasher flick in which the film's surviving characters are hunted by a lost astronaut driven insane by his so-called communications with God.

It's left-field to say the least, and whilst it has its virtues -- adding some depth to the film's themes of disorder, fundamentalism and the nature of the universe -- the way Pinbacker (Mark Strong) is portrayed as a disfigured killer is just a little too jarring to compliment the film's much more subdued start.

It's by no means a deal breaker, but Sunshine never quite recovers once the twist is revealed. It's still good, but it stops just short of greatness.


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