10 Performances That Changed Your Mind About Actors You Hate In 2017

Roles that shattered preconceptions.

20th Century Fox

A specific actor's name on a movie poster is often enough to pack out cinema auditoriums. In many cases, it's a seal of quality. Even if the film itself turns out to be a dud, some stars are never anything less than a joy to watch on the big screen.

Then there's the flipside of the coin: the actors everyone loves to hate. Their name among the credits is a massive red flag in the eyes of some film fans, and challenging these long-held preconceptions takes some doing.

Some actors are roundly despised, often for good reasons, but occasionally they put in performances that might surprise you. Petulant prima donnas have been known to set their egos aside and earn a standing ovation at film festivals, and washed-up actors have overcome their past troubles and recaptured their former glory.

Some of 2017's best performances didn't come from the film industry's darlings, but the stars many see in a negative light, actors whose name on the credits would normally be enough to put you off buying a ticket...


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