10 Performances That Changed Your Mind About Actors You Hate In 2017

10. Zac Efron - The Greatest Showman


Zac Efron got his start on High School Musical and that instantly propelled him to heartthrob status and saw his face and plastered on the walls of every tween bedroom across the world. That's the kind of thing that creates enemies, and Efron didn't help his cause by building his post-Disney career soley around his pretty-boy persona.

After making a string of mostly bad comedies, Efron recently returned to musicals for the first time in more than a decade when he starred as rich-kid playwright Phillip Carlyle in Michael Gracey's The Greatest Showman.

The film recounts the showbiz career of the legendary circus impresario P.T. Barnum through the medium of song and dance. It isn't the greatest musical you'll ever see, but nor is it short on wonder, spectacle and strong performances.

Efron, in particular, shines alongside lead actor Hugh Jackman, relying on good old-fashioned razzmatazz, rather than his fresh-faced good looks as he blasts through one great musical number after another. Their bar scene duet is brimming with showmanship and is one of the highlights of the movie. Moreover, the Bad Neighbours star also has great chemistry with Zendaya, and it really comes out during the power-pop ballad they perform on the trapezes.

Maybe there's more to Efron than just a pretty face after all.


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