10 Out Of Place Or Unexpected Lines Of Dialogue In Comic Book Movies

Hit Girl Comic book movies, particularly in the past (and not quite so much recently, though it does still occur), have been quite infamous for having dialogue that simply isn't very good - indeed, we've wrote about that very subject here at WhatCulture quite recently. They've been less about concentrating on the script and captivating dialogue and more about the kick-ass action and spectacular special effects. But that's not exactly what this is about. In this article, we'll be specifically taking a look at lines of dialogue that totally came out of the blue or just didn't fit with the general feel of the movie (or at least didn't fit with the feel that the movie or scene in question should have been going for) and not necessarily lines that were outright terrible - although you will find that some of these are. Whether it's because the line in question completely changed the tone of a movie or whether it's because it seemed totally out of character for the individual to say the line in question, some lines just come completely out of the blue and simply don't belong. Here are ten out of place or unexpected lines of dialogue in comic book movies...

10. "Far Out" (Ghost Rider)

Mephistopheles DevilThe dialogue *After seeing a cartoonish version of himself* Mephistopheles: "Far out." Why was it unexpected or out of place? This was the introduction of Mephistopheles - the character who, in the movie version at least, was the actual Devil. The ultimate evil. Lord of Hell. Yet his opening line is like something a stoned teenager would say when he or she looked up and saw a rainbow. It's fair to say that Peter Fonda's character was never going to be as formidable or as terrifying as the comic book character Mephisto that this live action depiction was based on, but to have him speak in that manner - particular in his opening scenes - did not exactly cement him as a massively powerful otherworldly threat.

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