10 Plot Holes That Almost Ruined Back To The Future

Back to the Future Back To The Future is one of the most beloved franchises in all of cinema history. It's fun, exciting and has captured people's imaginations for decades. It is also very flawed and filled with ridiculous head scraching plot holes which in most other films would see it laughed off as confusing stupidity. But luckily this isn't some other film series and Back To The Future is so darn good we'll forgive these plot holes until the end of time. Nonetheless let's look at the 10 plot holes that almost ruined Back To The Future

10. Marty Erased His Original Parents

awed Time travel in films is always a tricky subject. Different stories have different rules of how it works, and what you can and can€™t do. Back To The Future Part Two introduced the idea that after Biff stole the sports almanac and gave it to his younger self he unknowingly created an alternative timeline. Marty and Doc then fight to put things back as they were. Except they don€™t. Marty by this point was already living in an alternative version of 1985. At the end of Part One Marty is thrilled to be back in 1985 and find that his mother is slim, his father is successful and his brother is still Jimmy Olsen, having prevented him and his siblings being erased from time. But this is not exactly how things were at the start of the movie. When Marty sees his brother Dave is wearing a suit to work this comes as a shock to him. Marty has no memory of this version of reality. This therefore isn€™t Marty€™s version of reality and he doesn€™t really belong there anymore then he did the bad version of 1985 seen in Part Two. Marty has in effect erased the original versions of his family and Biff and everyone, Doc included, from time. Well at least from his perspective. It could be argued that he left the original versions of his family in their version of reality wondering where Marty disappeared to, never to be seen again. If Marty really wanted to fix time he€™d go back to 1955, stop his younger self interfering with his parents falling in love, bundle him into the Delorean and drop him off in front of the Doc€™s bullet ridden body. Of course there are never ending complications of €˜how would he be able to do this if he prevented etc etc...€™ but you get the point. There'll be more alternative reality based dilemmas coming up shortly!

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