10 Poor Versions Of Awesome Movie Characters With One Excellent Scene

9. Dr. Who

Amazing Spider Man Andrew Garfield

Dr. Who is a science fiction icon whose time-traveling adventures have been entertaining loyal fans in Great Britain and around the world since 1963. Who and sidekicks use a blue British police box to travel through time while encountering a host of aliens, villains, and crisis.

Throughout the show’s history, there have been thirteen different doctors ranging in popularity. Tom Baker’s fourth doctor is widely regarded as the best while Paul McGann’s doctor is one of the more forgettable. He appeared as Dr. Who in a 1996 TV movie meant to relaunch the franchise. However, he returned to play The Time Lord for a very memorable moment in Who history.

The 2013 mini-episode ‘Night of the Doctor’ marked the shocking return of McGann’s eighth doctor. It got fans up to date with some missing exploits and features him being regenerated into John Hurt’s ‘War Doctor’.


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