10 Poorly Reviewed Movies That Deserve Another Chance At A Franchise

So many beloved characters deserved so much better.


In recent years, it seems to be the ultimate goal of just about every studio in Hollywood to have their own blockbuster franchise. With the record-breaking success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and the bucketloads of cash that come with it), who can blame them?

While it may seem that striking gold on a franchise isn't an easy thing to do, it really shouldn't be that hard. After all, all of the most successful film series seem to have their roots in pre-existing source material. And whether it be books, comics, or '80s cartoons, there's no shortage of beloved stories to adapt (or reboot, in some cases) for the big screen.

But what happens when Hollywood takes that source material, churns out a mindless piece of unimpressive cinema, and expects the world to support a franchise? A whole lot of loose ends, that's what.

This is exactly the issue for every entry on this list. Each one of these awful movies stung its fanbase in a major way, but with a little bit of reworking, each could easily be made into the big-screen franchise that it deserves to be.

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