10 Popular Movie Casts That Hate Each Other

A movie cast is just like a family: dysfunctional and full of barely disguised loathing.

Fast & Furious 6
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It's pretty much par for the course when promoting any long running movie franchise for cast members to talk about how close they have become across the course of making this movie, how lifelong friendships have been formed, they've all gone and got matching tattoos, and are showing up all over each other's social media. But sometimes the truth behind the scenes is a little different.

Familiarity breeds contempt as much as fondness and coming back time and again to play lovers, or best friends, or surrogate family members on screen can have the opposite effect on the feelings of the cast.

Over time mild irritation can become seething resentment and little rivalries can grow into full blown grudges. Yes, the stars will keep coming back for sequels, but it won't be because they can't wait to reunite with their on-set family. It will be purely for the money and fame.

If you want proof of this just check out these ten examples of movie franchises whose beloved characters couldn't be closer but whose cast can't stand the sight of each other.

10. Magic Mike

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Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike tells the story of Adam, a young college dropout played by Alex Pettyfer, making his way in the world of male stripping under the mentorship and occasional rivalry of Channing Tatum as the title character. But by the sequel, Pettyfer's Adam was nowhere to be seen.

Former teen heartthrob Pettyfer already had a bit of a reputation as egotistical, difficult to work with and destructive. Tatum, therefore, was not keen on Pettyfer’s casting and made that well known even after Soderbergh insisted on it.

On the set of Magic Mike, Pettyfer mostly kept to himself without socialising with his castmates, making him seem aloof and superior but not causing any major falling out. Between production and reshoots, however, Pettyfer and Tatum had a serious falling out after the former rented a New York apartment from a friend of the latter.

Pettyfer claimed that the apartment was infested with mould and moved out, still owing months of rent, leading Tatum reportedly to tell him: “Don’t f**k my friends. Pay the f**king money. Don’t be a clown.”

The reshoots were a tense affair, with the cast siding with Tatum against Pettyfer, who was essentially frozen out. With Tatum a producer on the sequel and Pettyfer’s original champion Soderbergh no longer in the director’s chair, Pettyfer was not asked back for Magic Mike XXL.

“Channing Tatum does not like me for many reasons,” Pettyfer would later confirm, “Many of them being my own fault.”


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