10 Possession Movies You Need To Watch If You Liked The Exorcist

9. Paranormal Activity

The Possession of Hannah Grace

Most horror fans will know the Paranormal Activity series well. There has been, so far, an impressive eight movies in the franchise, however the first in the chilling series has enough creepiness and originality to get a mention here.

Released in 2007 and written and directed by Oren Peli, this low-budget supernatural film is fast becoming considered a classic of the genre. The story follows young couple Katie and Micah, who have moved to a new house in San Diego. Disturbing events begin to happen around the home, including voices, furniture moving and fires spontaneously starting. Before long, Katie herself becomes victim of the demonic energy infesting her home. It's a freaky movie with jump scares in all the right places.

For fans who love hidden extras, deleted scenes and bonus features, a special-edition DVD of the first Paranormal Activity film was released in which an alternative ending was included. Much like The Blair Witch project, the picture makes use of home video cameras, which certainly add a level of authenticity to the experience. Whether there will be another demonic themed release from the makers in the series remains to be seen.

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