10 Post-Credits Horror Movie Scenes That Changed Everything

9. Curse Of Chucky (2013)

The Child's Play series debuted in 1988, starring the voice of Brad Dourif as Chucky, a demented, murderous and occasionally amorous doll. Created by Don Mancini, the Child's Play series spawned six sequels and a remake in 2019, this time with Mark Hamill vocalising the eponymous Cabbage Patch Killer.

Charles Lee Ray, serial killer, is caught and mortally wounded by police, only to use a convenient voodoo spell to transport his consciousness to a kids doll, which proceeds to gleefully murder at will to the horror of its new owner Andy. At the end of the film, Chucky is burned and shot more times than Michael Myers before he's 'finally' put down for good.

In the 2013 sequel Curse Of Chucky, he's back for fresh blood and the whole stabbing plastic doll nightmare begins again. This time plucky new hero Nica has the responsibility of making sure he goes back to the defects department as homicidally faulty.

In the post credits sequence, we see Chucky - who by this point, has been burned, shot (again), molten down, blown to smithereens, and married to Jennifer Tilly's superb female counterpart doll, Tiffany. Despite all that, he is mailed to the next hapless victim - who turns out to be Andy from the first three instalments.

Chucky is back and raring to kill again, right up until the point where Andy (returning actor Alex Vincent) goes full Ash and pulls a shotgun on him; "Play with this... " K'blam. Looks like Andy put Chucky back in the box.


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