10 Post-Credits Movie Scenes EVERYONE Saw Coming

Dwayne Johnson spoiled Black Adam's credits scene over a week before release.

Black Adam Superman
Warner Bros.

There are three sure things in life - death, taxes, and post-credits scenes.

The popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its sequel-teasing credits scenes have prompted basically every other franchise in town to copy the same successful formula.

And honestly, why the hell not? It's a non-intrusive way to tease future attractions without tacking it onto the end of the movie proper, and can generate vocal word-of-mouth chatter on social media that ends up boosting a movie's box office.

It's always nice to be surprised when watching a credits scene, but of course, not all of the last-minute cameos and twists can land with quite the same shock value.

And so, these 10 post-credits movie scenes were all, for better or worse, howlingly obvious to the point that many fans called them long before they even sat down to watch the film in question.

In some cases it simply seemed like the most logical next step in terms of teasing a sequel, while in others there had been intense rumours about the scene months before release, and then sometimes the star of the movie just spoils it in a desperate bid to juice the flagging box office projections...

10. Tails Joins The Party - Sonic The Hedgehog

Black Adam Superman

Back when the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was first announced, many fans were left wondering why Sonic's (Ben Schwartz) beloved sidekick Miles Prower - aka Tails - was conspicuously absent.

And so, given that basically every blockbuster movie hoping for its own franchise is duty-bound to feature a sequel-baiting credits scene, it seemed like a 99.8% certainty that Tails would make an appearance this way.

And that's precisely what happened. In the middle of the credits, a ring portal opens on Earth and Sonic's trusty orange pal (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) leaps out, before announcing that they've finally tracked down Sonic and flying off to meet him.

It was dead-obvious fan service but oh-so-satisfying all the same, especially given both the brilliance of Tails' design and the decision to have him be voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey, who has played Tails in the video games since 2014.

The Sonic franchise actually repeated this predictability in the second movie, where everybody expected Shadow the Hedgehog to show up in the mid-credits scene, and that's exactly what happened - much to the joy of just about every fan watching.


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