10 Potential Directors For Spider-Man 4

With Marc Webb vacating the director's chair, who else could step into the Spidey-breach?

All good things must come to an end. Well, depending on the successes of both the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and 3 then we can determine if it's a good thing coming to an end or whether the franchise will be in need of a new touch. Regardless, it's all but a guarantee that Spidey is going to continue setting box office records and we can expect a slew of new sequels and spinoffs to be swinging into cinemas in the years to come. Marc Webb has confirmed he will not be at the helm of the already scheduled Amazing Spider-Man 4 - due out summer of 2018 - but that he'd like to remain on board as a consultant. Again, depending on how the tales are spun in the upcoming parts 2 and 3 we won't know if we want Webb on board in any capacity until then. So we're going to assume this is all a good thing. Since Webb brought a fun and fresh perspective to the first Amazing Spider-Man, we can expect much of the same. The trailers and clips for its sequel all look pretty fantastic but any fan of the webhead knows the sequels could be endless considering the amount of source material. Since Webb will be stepping down as director the film is going to need a new captain. In what capacity that director will remain is up in the air, either with a multiple film stint like Webb or as a revolving door director, like many other superhero films constantly changing directorial hands, we can only speculate. But there's a lot of great potential candidates out there that, if done well, could swing Spidey to new heights.

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