10 Potential Directors For Spider-Man 4

10. Jose Padilha

Regardless of low box office performance, the recent Robocop reboot fared better than expected with both audiences and critics reviews. Let's face it, it could've been the Total Recall reboot. The themes of the film saw a legitimate update that made them applicable to much of what we're dealing with today. Granted, it wasn't for everyone but it certainly was by no means a bad film. Padilha still has a light resume. Both Elite Squad films are pretty highly regarded but those, plus Robocop, make for only three major feature films. But let's not forget, before 500 Days of Summer Marc Webb had zero features under his belt and Sony was still willing to trust him with their only major superhero baby. Knowing that and the likelihood of Padilha having at least one more film completed before 2017 means he's got a decent shot at taking over. He's a smart director who has made it a point to discuss the importance of themes and that his films be relevant to his audience. Since Webb's Spider-Man legacy seems half steeped in action and half floated in romance, it may be a breath of fresh air to have an action director who knows how to stir up some good social commentary.

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