10 Potentially Awesome Movies Ruined By The PG-13 Curse

Some movies really shouldn't be suitable for kids.

It needs to be said - the PG-13 rating is fast becoming something of a curse hanging over the potential greatness of Hollywood movies. To be fair, we can€™t blame the studios for toning down movies to grant them a PG-13 rating from the MPAA €“ after all, a lower rating means more bums on the seats and therefore more return on their investment, so from a business point of view it makes complete sense. But at the same time, some movies truly suffer from this process and the movie which ends up on our screens is a far cry from its true potential. Perhaps the most notable victims of the PG-13 rating are action and horror films, with the latter especially suffering from being toned down to the point that all the horror is sapped out, leaving behind a tame product which fails to fulfill its aims. Likewise, bloody and brutal action scenes become tame and cartoonish, with visceral bone-crunching thrills giving way to blood-free combat lacking real punch. Here are 10 examples of where greed wasn€™t good; movies sanitized beyond the point of recognition which could have been so much better had the creators stuck to their guns and insisted on an R rating.
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