10 Potentially Awesome Movies Ruined By The PG-13 Curse

10. The Fog

Remaking classic John Carpenter movies seems almost like a Hollywood hobby - from Assault on Precinct 13 to Halloween, his films are fair game for the low budget movie producer bereft of original ideas. The Fog, certainly one of his "lesser" horror movies but nevertheless one much loved by fans of the genre, was no exception - a remake appeared on our screens back in 2005, much to the disappointment of, well, pretty much everyone who saw it. 100 years after a mysterious fog descended on the sleepy coastal town of Antonio Island, wrecking a ship and killing all aboard, the fog has returned, concealing dark, supernatural forces out for revenge on the community which abandoned them. The edgy sense of tension and dread which Carpenter brought to the original is just one aspect lacking from the PG-13 remake - the original was hardly a gore-fest, but this sanitized version swaps the rotting corpse-like ghosts for some terrible CGI while simultaneously stripping it of any scares. You could argue that it would have been a bad film regardless, but at least an R rating might have upped the ante in the scares department. Alas, it wasn't to be.
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