10 Potentially Awesome Sci-Fi Movies Coming In 2018

From Predator to Pacific Rim...

Warner Bros.

Cast an eye back over 2017 and you can’t help but feel that the sci-fi movies that have come and gone didn’t quite deliver on their promise. There’s been the dull (The Space Between Us, Life), the daft (Valerian And The City Of Tomorrow, Justice League, Beyond Skyline) and the downright terrible (Geostorm). Salvaged slightly by Blade Runner 2049 and the subversive awesomeness of The Last Jedi, the new hope here is that 2018 will offer us a better selection of sci-fi cuts to get our whiskers around.

Fear not.

Fans of sci-fi demand movies like their movies to make them think and thud their legs in equal measure and, as you’ll see from this list, the coming year is going to offer us all a kinetic blast of rousing action spectacle, potentially the best superhero movie of all time, superb adaptations, thrilling sequels and even some would-be Oscar winners. The genre also looks to be stretched that little bit further with some horror titles with a sci-fi bent looking to have us scurrying behind the sofa.

Let this list be your guide for what is poised to be a benchmark year for the genre.


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