10 Predictable Horror Movie Deaths We All Saw Coming

Yeah, nasty character with no redemption arc, I'm sure you'll survive...

New Line Cinema

Horror movie characters are almost always designed to die. Whether they pop their clogs in their first film outing as a lamb to the slaughter, or suffer at the hands of a lethal sequel that's come to finish what it started, there aren't many who can boast making it out unscathed.

With so much brutality and so many cliches to adhere to, predicting who's going to kick the bucket in horror movies is a pretty simple task. Just take a closer look at the most selfish, obnoxious assholes, the characters played by disliked actors, or the simply the ones sneaking away for a little hoo-hah, and you can see their countdown clock ticking away as some dastardly fate is set up to befall them.

And it should be stated that this doesn't make these titles any less enjoyable at all. Rather, we get a spectator sport where "I told you so!" can be cheered relentlessly, as the most satisfying fortunes are fulfilled in the goriest of ways.

So let's take a look at the horror films that barely concealed the targets on the backs of their poor victims then, as whilst death waits for no-one, that doesn't mean he isn't a little impatient sometimes...


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