10 Predictions For 2019 Movies That Everybody Got Wrong

Maybe the fans don't know everything after all.


In 2019, at the height of the movie industry's spoiler culture, details around the biggest movie releases are always finding their way onto the internet. Every official clip and trailer are watched and rewatched, paused and picked apart by fans and even when studios are extra careful and give nothing solid away, fans are still able to take educated guesses, and theorize over what will happen in any and all upcoming movies. To some, this is even more fun than watching the movies themselves, with popular YouTube channels dedicated solely to discovering these secrets.

Some of these predictions are certainly easier to make than others. In 2018, for example, it was no real stretch to realise Thanos would assemble the infinity stones and snap his fingers to wipe out half of humanity's existence, just as he had in the comics.

However, for every successful theory, there are dozens that miss the mark. Fans that believe they have read the clues correctly are proved wrong all the time. Sometimes red herrings are even slipped into the marketing material with the sole purpose of throwing would be theorists off the scent of the real story, and in 2019, there was no shortage of people missing the mark.


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