10 Problems Nobody Wants To Admit About The Original Star Wars Trilogy

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Nostalgia can do strange and wonderful things to the mind. It has the mysterious ability to render the past as a place of unbridled comfort, free of the problems and troubles that tend to plague adulthood. As a result, we seem to cast our minds back to those films we spent hours watching as younger people - children, perhaps - with an added sense of fondness; almost to a point where we refuse to believe they're anything but perfect.

The original Star Wars trilogy, perhaps more than any other series of motion pictures, seems to have fallen pray to an extreme case of the nostalgia bug - especially in the wake of the mostly terrible prequel films, which only served to increase hatred for much criticised writer/director George Lucas.

Great as the original Star Wars movies are, though, they're not perfect, regardless of what fans might try to have you believe.

Truth is, with Star Wars: Episodes IV through VI, there's a fair amount of whitewashing at play. Yes, it seems almost blasphemous to admit that their are faults with a product that means so much to so many, but who are we trying to kid?

To highlight said faults isn't to deride the original trilogy; it merely serves to confirm the fact that these are just movies, and - like all movies - they're rendered more interesting because of their faults.

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