10 Problems Nobody Wants To Admit About The Original Star Wars Trilogy

10. Luke Skywalker Is A Cringeworthy Protagonist

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When you actually take the time out to think about it properly, it becomes shockingly apparent that Luke Skywalker is actually a really strange character. You'd expect the lead protagonist in a movie like Star Wars to inhabit a few cool traits, and yet... nothing. It's not easy for fans to admit that the most famous guy in the entire Star Wars canon is a bit of a dork, but - for the most part - it's true: Luke is whiny, self-righteous, uninteresting, humourless and is even a bit of a kill joy. He has no sex appeal and is frequently awkward.

It might have been easier to forgive Luke's character had he successfully transformed into a badass at some point. But even when he's supposed to be a badass - in Return of the Jedi - he still comes across as lame and uncomfortable in his own skin. He brings definition to the term "anti-cool."

Whether that's down to Mark Hamill's casting, who knows? Truth is, Luke is only marginally better than the likes of Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker: it actually makes sense that these two are father and son.

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