10 Reasons DC's Cinematic Universe Is Already Doomed

It's going to be a loooooooooong six years...

This past Wednesday, Time Warner announced a spate of new movies designed to establish, expand, and cement the profitability of DC Comics' cinematic universe. Those films -- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad in 2016, Wonder Woman and Justice League Part One in 2017, The Flash and Aquaman in 2018, Shazam and Justice League Part Two in 2019, and Cyborg and Green Lantern (a reboot of the property) in 2020 -- will be punctuated with additional films starring Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman. The news has taken the internet by storm, even eclipsing some major Marvel cinematic rumors from earlier in the week. Though the initial optimism at seeing DC finally get its film division off the ground has not yet abated, the discerning fan will find cause for concern. What could -- and should -- be a strong competitor to Marvel's bulletproof cinematic universe looks like a pale imitation, and while it is possible that the films themselves will end up delivering in terms of quality, it already seems unlikely. To make matters worse, as the buzz around the announcements dies down, this fear will spread. Here are ten reasons why DC's cinematic universe is already behind the eight-ball. Feel free to debate in the comments sections!

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