10 Reasons Fast & Furious 9 Is A Cinematic Car Wreck

9. Kurt Russell, Michael Rooker And And Charlize Theron Are Criminally Wasted

Fast and Furious 9

To Fast and Furious' credit, it doesn't have a history of wasting the many terrific actors it's brought in for supporting roles; even those with smaller parts were, for the most part, still able to have fun with the material.

Unfortunately, in F9, there's a sense that plenty of great actors were wasted.

Charlize Theron's Cypher being largely absent is disappointing since her performance has improved since The Fate of the Furious (awful haircut though), while Helen Mirren randomly appears in a meaningless cameo and Michael Rooker is literally only given a single scene.

Perhaps worst of all, Kurt Russell, who has been absolutely great as Mr Nobody, is given a few tiny scenes - most of them flashbacks - and the film doesn't even bother expanding on his fate after his plane is attacked.

The various Tokyo Drift characters - Sean Boswell (Lucas Black), Twinkie (Bow Wow) and Earl Hu (Jason Tobin) also feel like they were just randomly chucked in there, although that case wasn't quite so egregious since let's be honest, who really cares about them?


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