10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney's Best Animated Movie This Decade

10. Tangled Has A Much Stronger And More Cohesive Script

A classic rule of script writing (or writing of any kind for that matter) is that every scene should be necessary to advance the plot, naturally flowing to the next, while containing action that pushes the story forward, and/or revealing new insight to our characters. This is especially true for animated films, where an individual shot can cost hundreds of thousands dollars and take months to produce, and rather impressively, few movies, live-action or animated, have a script as tight as Tangled. Every scene in Tangled has information in it pertaining to something that came before, or foreshadowing something coming up; for instance the mid-movie action sequence (the tunnel chase/damn burst sequence) combines pre-established elements of Flynn being pursued by the Castle guards, the horse Maximus, and his ex-partners. It evolves the relationship of Rapunzel/Flynn as it begins with the two just starting to trust each other more, and during the action of that sequence they have to work together to get away (Rapunzel using her hair to swing Flynn to safety, as he uses her frying pan to defend her). And it ends with Flynn getting a cut on his hand, which Rapunzel will have to heal with her magical hair, an important moment in their story. Frozen on the other hand gives us enough information to follow the plot, but is sloppy in its execution. There is no flow, we just bounce from scene to scene: action sequences seem more driven by the fact that 20 minutes have gone by without one, than having anything to do with the story. The mid-movie action scene in Frozen is a scene where a bunch of random wolves appear out of nowhere to attack our heroes: what purpose does the wolf/sled chase add to the story? None, and similarly, tertiary characters like the rock trolls and Olaf seem more like marketing decisions than necessary ingredients to the story.

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