10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney's Best Animated Movie This Decade

9. Rapunzel Is More Likable Than Anna Or Elsa

Rapunzel is the most likeable princess Disney has ever created. There is nothing to not love about her: she is a bold, smart, creative, driven, adventurous, funny, beautiful, and incredibly sweet, and Disney had never created a princess quite like her before. A lot of people have been crediting Frozen with creating princesses that drive the action, but like the closeted hipster she is, Rapunzel was doing that before it was cool. All the action of Tangled is spawned from Rapunzel deciding to follow her dream of seeing the 'floating lights,' and along the way, she uses her positive attitude to constantly make new friends with whomever she meets. From winning the hearts and minds of a bar full of ruffians, to pulling a horse-whisperer act on Maximus, to getting the whole town dancing in the square before the lanterns are released, every person she meets along the way falls in love with her, and as a result, so do we, the audience. Anna has a lot of similar qualities as Rapunzel: she has a similar lonely backstory, she dreams of connecting to the outside world - basically, she's almost like Rapunzel 2.0, but instead of an upgrade, we got something closer to a cheap imitation, where some cute clumsiness is supposed to replace the irresistible sweetness of Rapunzel. The scattered story-telling of Frozen, also doesn't allow enough time to really invest in Anna; it's so busy bouncing around between her, Elsa, and the dancing snowman that our connection to any of them is limited. At least Anna is mostly likeable... Elsa is just kind of a bitch (more on that later).

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