10 Reasons The Cinema Is Now The Worst Place To Watch Movies

9. Lights Are Left On In Showings

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Films when projected are meant to be viewed in a dark auditorium. The source of the picture is a bright light behind the audience, so any light between there and the screen will have an effect on the image, making it less sharp and in darker scenes intelligible. You'd think the cinemas, who let's not forget are allegedly trying to give you the best experience, would ensure that as much effort was put into giving you a pitch black room as possible. Of course they don't.

More often than not the light in the projection box is left on, which is already lighting up the auditorium. But in recent years the actual lights are now getting left on. For health and safety reasons we can't bemoan the Fire Exit light, but does the aisle really need to be lit by spotlights from above? What's worse is the hairbrained decision to have these lights go all the way down to the screen. Any film not set at midday with a clear sky might as well be a radio play. When we can actually read the crappy cinema preview magazine while the film's running you know it's too bright.


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