10 Reasons The Cinema Is Now The Worst Place To Watch Movies

10. It's Not Got Exclusive Product For Long


Before home video the only way to see a film was in the cinema. That's how films like Gone With The Wind, The Sound Of Music and even Star Wars made so much money; they were in cinemas non-stop for literal years. With film consumable just about anywhere at anytime it's now reached the point where if you don't catch a movie in its first month of release then its gone from the big screen, with the first weekend box office basically deciding if the film is a hit or not.

This has a big effect on how movies are marketed and what sort of projects get green-lit, but it's ultimately hurting cinemas. Films are heading to DVD and Blu-Ray so quickly that waiting to watch something at home is no longer a massive sacrifice. Alice In Wonderland caused a stir a few years ago when Disney closed down the gap between theatrical and DVD release to just three months and things will only get more extreme.

Ben Wheatley's A Field In England was not only released on DVD and Blu-Ray on the same day it entered cinemas, but also aired in its entirety on TV the same evening. More and more independent films are taking a similar route and soon exclusivity will not be a selling point cinemas can use.


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