10 Reasons Why Skyfall Could Be One Of The Greatest Bond Films Ever Made

Skyfall is certainly shaping up to be a grand entry in the James Bond series, but could it be one of the finest?

Skyfall is a mere few months away and anticipation is continuing to grow for Bond€™s 23rd adventure. Early trailers for the film were almost cryptic, teasing little more than a vast array of flashy images of Daniel Craig looking stern around some explosions and exotic locations. With the latest trailer we've finally been given a genuine taste of Skyfall€™s complex plot, with Bond appearing to fake his own death and Javier Bardem€™s fiendish villain Silvo taunting the secret agent over his Mummy issues. Here at What Culture we€™re incredibly excited about Skyfall and believe that it genuinely might have a chance of becoming one of Bond€™s finest outings yet. Sadly, we don't have the ability to look into the future nor have we actually seen the film, but here are 10 genuine reasons why Skyfall could end up being one of the greatest Bond films ever made.

10. Sam Mendes

The Bond series has certainly attracted some great directors, with such prestigious talents as Guy Hamilton, Terence Young and Lewis Gilbert helping to craft the franchise in its early years. Unfortunately, there hasn't exactly been as many respected directors in the later years of the franchise, with second unit director John Glen modestly helming five underwhelming entries in the 1980's. Zorro director Martin Campbell helped re-invent Bond twice with the excellent GoldenEye and Casino Royale, but you can hardly expect the same from Tomorrow Never Dies director Roger Spottiswoode, who also gave us Stop Or My Mum Will Shoot and Turner & Hooch. There€™s been interest expressed from such big names as Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan, but it seems that often the producers often aren't willing to back such costly talent. This all looks set to change with Oscar winning director Sam Mendes helming Skyfall. In many ways, Mendes could be the perfect match for Bond, having experience with films which have blended brooding action with intelligent character drama, such as Road To Perdition and Jarhead. It could be argued that similarly respected director Marc Forster still managed to scuff up Quantum of Solace, but he lacked the action credentials that Sam Mendes also has on his CV to compliment the art house sensibilities.

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