10 Recent Films That Prove Hollywood Hates You

10. Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47 is a reboot of Xavier Gens€™s Hitman, the 2007 movie that starred Timothy Olyphant as a bald gun-for-hire on the run from the Russian military. It was based on a video game series developed by IO Interactive, so you had to lower your expectations in order to have a good time. Clearly uninterested in making a better movie, 20th Century Fox brought in Skip Woods, who also wrote A Good Day To Die Hard, to work on the script. They must€™ve told him to target the comic book fans, too, because our genetically engineered hero (played by Homeland€™s Rupert Friend) moves just like a superhero, taking out his adversaries with bombs, helicopters and some astonishingly athletic gunplay and€.well, let€™s not get bogged down in plot. When it comes to movies about killers with abnormal speed, intelligence and strength, Wanted did that whole yarn back in 2008 (with a naked Angelina Jolie, no less). Small world dept: Thomas Kretschmann, who played James McAvoy€™s father in that film, also appears here as one of the villains. But that€™s probably just a coincidence.
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