10 Recent Films That Totally Blew The Ending

9. Antebellum

On the Rocks Bill Murray Rashida Jones

Antebellum was widely hyped as "the next Get Out" ahead of its release, following successful author Veronica Henley (Janelle Monae) who, for reasons that aren't initially explained, ends up captured and held as a slave on a Louisiana Civil War plantation.

The marketing heavily implied that Antebellum was a sci-fi horror film with a time travel gimmick which would see Veronica literally sent back through time to live out the very suffering inflicted upon her ancestors.

But alas, it turns out that everything we see in the movie actually takes place in 2020, with Veronica finally managing to stage a desperate escape as the camera pulls back to reveal that the plantation was actually a Civil War reenactment park all along.

It's a staggeringly silly and totally underwhelming climax to a film that was clearly trying a little too hard to channel some of that dishy Black Mirror energy.

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