10 Recent Horror Movies That Were Sent Out To Die

9. Choose Or Die

Don't Breathe 2

In Choose or Die, Isaac and Kayla come into possession of a Choose Your Own Adventure text-game called CURS>R. They quickly notice their decisions in the game affect the real world, which leads to those around them being brutally injured or killed. To stay alive, Isaac and Kayla have no choice but to keep playing the corrupted game.

Despite it's interesting premise, Choose or Die is devoid of scares, bereft of originality, and totally jumps the shark in the third act. (But if you're a Nightmare on Elm Street fan, you'll be overjoyed to see Freddy Kruger himself, Robert England, making an appearance.)

But the biggest problem with the film is the whole "Choose Your Own Adventure" schitck is that they didn't really add anything new to it. It has been done before in both horror films and TV shows, and it always has a pretty similar tone.

Choose or Die is only 84 minutes long but it's so achingly predictable and imitative, the average viewer will turn it off long before it reaches its absurd climax.

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