10 Recent Horror Movies That Were Sent Out To Die

8. Willy's Wonderland

Don't Breathe 2
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While the Five Night At Freddy's film adaptation suffered in development hell for years, one studio just said, "Screw it", and made their own version called Willy's Wonderland.

Considering the film revolves around Nicholas Cage's nameless character beating the crap out of demonic animatronics, it sounds like Willy's Wonderland had all the workings of a cult classic. Even if it sucked, you'd assume Cage would give a wacky performance akin to what he did in Wicker Man or Vampire's Kiss.

Unfortunately, the Oscar-winning actor decided to play his role dialogue-free. There's no hilarious one-liners or over-the-top Cageness. Instead, we get a morose, dull performance from Cage which makes his scenes move at a snail's pace.

Having the Face/Off actor playing a Man With No Name persona COULD work if it was in a horror film that was less tongue-in-cheek. But here, it's jarring and cringey to watch Cage maintain his stoicism while battling a gorilla animatronic. Also, Cage's character has no trouble defeating these possessed automatons, making these scenes lack any tension.

If you are a fan of the game, your best bet is to skip Willy's Wonderland entirely, and wait for the official Five Night At Freddy's film adaptation next year.

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