10 Recent Movie Characters That Totally Messed Up Actors

These recent movie roles had a serious effect on some of Hollywood's finest actors...

Jared Leto The Little Things
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While the technique of going full "method" for a role in an incoming biopic, thriller, or even a gripping action spectacular isn't necessarily the only route an actor has available to them upon agreeing to appear in a flick, it has become arguably the most popular and eye-catching in modern times.

Who doesn't enjoy reading up on how a freakishly dedicated star immersed themselves in a part to the point of starvation or even having a snooze inside of an animal carcass? But with this determination to throw themselves wholeheartedly into whatever part is next in line, sometimes comes with it the consequence of carrying around difficult parts of that immersive experience... long after a shoot has officially been wrapped on occasion, too.

Sadly, not every performance is a walk in the park and some can leave an actor wondering whether the sight of them convincingly bringing a personality to life on the big screen was actually worth perhaps going a little too far in hindsight.

From stinking up a star's personal life, to needing a psychiatric nurse on hand as things began to get too dark, these actors were all left feeling a little worse for wear after taking on these recent characters.

10. Thomasin McKenzie (Eloise "Ellie" Turner) - Last Night In Soho

Jared Leto The Little Things

Simply put, method acting just isn't for everyone. And that's a lesson Thomasin McKenzie had to figure out on her own over the course of shooting Edgar Wright's latest slice of stylish horror by the name of Last Night in Soho.

Whilst playing the role of Ellie Turner, a character who finds herself thrown into the dark underbelly of 1960's London over the course of the supernatural flick, it quickly dawned on the Jojo Rabbit sensation that she didn't need to keep putting herself through the wringer just because her character was going through a tough time.

As she put it when talking to Collider:

"While filming 'Last Night in Soho', I thought that in order to give a good performance, if Ellie was suffering then I should be suffering, but that's not true."

With McKenzie also revealing that she needs "distinction between (herself) and who (she's) playing, especially when taking on dark subject matters", it's clear that after dipping her toe in these overly-immersive waters that going to this extent to breathe life into a disturbed character just isn't Thomasin's cup of tea.


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