10 Recent Movie Deaths Which Left Audiences Completely Stunned

9. Emily - The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is a fantastic horror film, one of the most effectively tense works in recent memory and a profound exploration of the ways trauma affects us after abusive relationships. It isn’t an especially violent film for long stretches, getting most of its fear out of conveying gaslighting and the invisible presence of the antagonist, but there’s one scene which is notorious to everyone who has seen the movie.

The sister of protagonist Cecilia, Emily, meeting a death to the titular Invisible Man wasn’t outside the realm of possibility, since she’s a supporting character in a horror film, sometimes they die to service the storyline. But the way she met her fate was truly one of the most unexpected moments in recent horror history.

The last truly evocative theatre memory that many of us will have for a long time is Cecilia‘s ex suddenly killing her sister in a restaurant while having dinner, her throat being slit in public and the blame being placed on the traumatised and bloodied Cecilia. It took advantage of audiences letting their guard down to mesmerising effect. This scene was truly shocking and further increased the tension of the entire production.


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