10 Recent Movie Deaths Which Left Audiences Completely Stunned

8. Elena Neves - The Fate of the Furious

Elena Neves isn’t the most important character in the grand scheme of things of the Fast and Furious universe, but she was a well developed character that appeared in four of the eight released main entries of the franchise.

In Fast Five, she was a key part of the narrative, with her relationship with Dominic Toretto bridging the gap between cops and outlaws, and being crucial in Dom’s emotional development after losing his girlfriend Letty.

The former partner of Luke Hobbs made brief but memorable appearances in the next two films, with the moment of her letting Dom go to be with the recently returned Letty being one of the most emotional in franchise history. Elena was a fan favourite supporting character that many fans assumed was going to stick around for a long time to come.

But instead, in The Fate of the Furious, it was revealed that she had given birth to Dom’s child before being brutally murdered by Charlize Theron’s antagonist in front of him. Her death completely shifts the dynamic of the film, making audiences detest Theron, while introducing Dom’s child which will have repercussions throughout the rest of the franchise. A genuinely surprising death.


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