10 Recent Movie Endings That Pissed Everyone Off

Ending on a high? Think again.

Buried Ending

In the world of film, endings are absolutely everything. Not only is what most writers start off writing first to build the rest of the story around, but it is the culmination of your entire movie's themes, tones, messages and actions summed up in one scene. It is quite literally the last thing your audience sees and therefore is the biggest influence you have on how they remember your work, so rewarding their viewing with a satisfying conclusion is essential in them staying on side with you.

Sadly however, even the biggest of blockbusters are not immune from winding up their fans with some seriously shoddy endings at times. The 'and they all lived happily ever after' or 'it was all a dream' cop outs are so overused and cliche now that most of us are practically creasing over in our seats watching them unfold.

And yet, we continue to put up with them way too often. So maybe we're all the problem...?

10. The Dark Knight Rise (2012)

Buried Ending
Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is arguably the greatest collection of superhero movies ever made, and at least one of the three should be included in a list of the greatest films of all time, with 2008's The Dark Knight winning countless accolades and awards. The Dark Knight Rises is another solid entry to the franchise, following on from the Dark Knight's sombre finale and creating a story that deals with a Bruce Wayne very much on the decline of his physical state and the emotional weight of his role as Batman.

Coming in after Heath Ledger must have been a daunting prospect, but Tom Hardy does a great job in nailing the eccentric-sounding but brutal Bane, easily the best choice of DC villain to hammer home Batman's weaknesses. Not only is he physically imposing, doing enough damage to Batman to literally retire him, but this is a villain at the height of his own power, taking over Gotham without breaking a sweat.

So whilst Dark Knight Rises is a nice, fitting end to a brilliant trilogy, it's pretty hard to escape the feeling that both Bane and the series deserved a little better than a rushed death scene and that forced Robin reveal at the end.

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