10 Recent Movie Endings That Pissed Everyone Off

9. The Predator (2018)

Buried Ending
20th Century Fox

To be completely fair, most of the scenes in Shane Black's The Predator found a way of pissing us fans off. Whether it's the non-stop corny 'humour', the gradual picking off of every minor character in order of importance, or the fact that there is still absolutely no reason as to why this film needs to exist at all, few people can have had too many hopes left for a good conclusion to this cringe fest.

After probably the film's best scene on top of the Predator's fleeing spaceship after yet another Predator hunt in some woodland, our 'heroes' Quinn McKenna and Casey Brackett manage to bring the ship down and overcome the alien in a long, drawn out fight scene that really only exists to show off the movie's special green blood CGI.

The screen then fades to black and reopens with McKenna and his son now apparently working at a secret Government facility. They watch on as the Predator's cargo is opened and a Iron Man-like suit, named the Predator Killer, latches onto a nearby worker. With one final middle finger up at the audience, McKenna makes one last cringey remark about the weapon being his new suit, mercifully ending one of the most disappointing films of the decade.

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