10 Recent Movie Shots You Didn't Know Were Accomplished With CGI

Movie magic at its finest.

Joker Joaquin Phoenix
Warner Bros.

CGI is an incredible filmmaking tool when it's used appropriately and responsibly, because as much as we all know that Avengers: Endgame's Thanos (Josh Brolin) was a visual effect, it's all the more stunning precisely because it announces itself to the audience.

But perhaps even more fascinating are those VFX triumphs which most viewers don't even notice, those more subtle and even "invisible" effects that are noticed by only the most persnickety and eagle-eyed of viewers.

These 10 films, from CGI-heavy tentpoles to more restrained, lower-budget dramas, all used artful and deliciously clever VFX to deceive audiences in the most brilliant way possible.

For all the complaints about Hollywood using CGI as a cynical crutch these days, these movies all made spectacularly mind-blowing use of it to better their aesthetic and tell precisely the visual story the filmmakers wanted to.

Above all else, these shots and scenes are all hilarious proof that audiences really can't trust anything to be practical anymore...

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