10 Recent Movie Trailers That Gave Too Much Away

These trailers gave away most of the damn movie.

Black Widow 2
Marvel Studios

One of the most common complaints about modern movie marketing is that trailers spoil way too much, often giving away money shots, action sequences, cameos, and even plot twists for free.

In extreme cases, audiences might even feel like they've seen the broad beats of the movie inside of that two-minute trailer, such that they might not be particularly compelled to actually go watch the full film.

It's frustrating, yet director Robert Zemeckis - whose movie's trailers are frequently spoiled-filled - stated in a famous interview that studios have done numerous studies which suggest general viewers want to have an acute idea of what they're paying to see and aren't particularly anxious about spoilers.

Even so, some films have taken admirable steps to skirt spoilers - Avengers: Endgame left out massive chunks of the story and deliberately misled fans, while trailers for Tenet gave little inkling of the concrete plot but captured an accurate sense of mood.

These 10 recent movie trailers, whether for films already released or upcoming, sadly lacked the same restraint and basically gave an excess of information away upfront.

The lesson here? Unless you're one of the "general viewers" who took part in the studio survey, you'll probably enjoy movies more the less you watch trailers...

10. F9

Black Widow 2

The first trailer for F9 was dropped in January 2020, around four months before it was due to release, and offered up an over-generous four-minute blow-out of the movie's major beats.

Though it doesn't give everything away, the trailer details most of the big action sequences, reveals a ton of cameos and surprising moments, and most criminally, gives away the return of the presumed-dead Han (Sung Kang).

It didn't help that F9 ended up being delayed by over a year due to the pandemic, and so audiences had to sit on this excess of information for ages before the film was finally released.

Naturally Universal released several more trailers prior to release which only inundated audiences with extra footage, such that by the time the film hit screens, most of the money shots had already been spoiled ad nauseum.

Criminally, the final trailer even confirmed that Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) fly a rocket-propelled car into space.

Imagine how awesome it would've been for both this and Han's return to have been kept entirely out of trailers. Instead, watching F9 felt like witnessing a 143-minute foregone conclusion.


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