10 Recent Movie Trailers That Gave Too Much Away

9. Halloween Kills

Black Widow 2

Halloween Kills' first trailer certainly sells the potential for it to be a great sequel, but considering how much it gives away, hopefully it'll be the only trailer we get before its October release.

Given that the 2018 film ended with Michael Myers inexplicably escaping a burning trap set for him by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), fans were left wondering exactly how Michael freed himself from the seemingly deadly situation.

Well, any suspense or speculation was annihilated by this trailer, which confirms that Michael is inadvertently released by the fire department when they attempt to extinguish the blaze.

More frustrating, perhaps, is how many deaths the trailer spoils: we see at least a dozen confirmed deaths during Michael's rampage, while several more are quite blatantly hinted at.

While one can hope the film's body count is so absurdly large that this is just a drop in the ocean, it still feels unnecessary to show these moments when most potential customers are already expecting this level of brutality.


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