10 Recent Movies It's Cool To Hate

We get it guys, you didn't like The Last Jedi...

The Last Jedi

Films are entirely subjective. One person’s masterpiece can be another’s film hell. It is the hot coal that fuels the fire of many debates and vitriolic comment sections and is something that will keep the conversational world of film alive for years and decades to come.

Every once in a while, you get the kind of film that finds itself in the position of simultaneously receiving masses of love and adamant hate more so than others. The kind of films that leave film-goers believing that their profuse declarations of undying hatred towards a film that so many others adore leaves them with boosted film creds, and edgy opinions.

Collecting a list of the coolest of the cool, we dive into the world of fan wars, award nomination controversy and going against the grain to see which of these debate-stirring films are the catalysts of hatred for the wrong reasons.

10. The Lion King (2019)

The Last Jedi

Disney darling Jon Favreau was brought on to direct the “live action remake” of The Lion King after his success with The Jungle Book. Host to impressive visuals and a brilliant roster of big names, from Beyoncé to Seth Rogen, The Lion King was always going to be a big success, and with a $1.6 billion box office toll The Lion King clearly had its followers.

Its huge following however, made it all the more likely to receive copious amount of hate, especially from fans of the ’94 original. With its lifelike animation, The Lion King was criticised for its lack of emotional weight, and quite noticeably the absent flamboyant elements that were present in the original’s musical numbers.

With Disney’s tendency to churn out middling remakes of their great originals, The Lion King became another highlight of corporate greed; and we all know how cool it is to hate corporate greed.


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