10 Recent Movies It's Cool To Hate

9. Terminator: Dark Fate

The Last Jedi

Arnie kept true to his promise once again and was most definitely back in the sixth instalment and reboot/canonical sequel to Judgement Day. With Deadpool director, Tim Miller touting extensive action scenes, an evolutionary imagining of the antagonistic Terminator (dubbed Rev-9), and the return of iconic bad ass Sarah Connor, Dark Fate left fans cautiously optimistic after the disastrous bin fire that was Genysis.

What we ultimately got was a decent action film and probably the third-best Terminator film – which isn’t bad considering that the top two are insurmountable masterpieces. However, the fan furore took over once again with the unexpected death of a young John Connor, the comedic turn of Arnie’s friendly and family-orientated T-800 named Carl, and relatively re-treading of the previous film’s plot.

Through Dark Fate’s constant decrees of being THE true sequel to Judgement Day, it had lost its battle already, never being able to truly satisfy the die-hards of the original classics. Despite being a fun film, Dark Fate’s connection to the previous Terminator films left it one that could not publicly be loved in fear of reputational damage.


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