10 Recent Movies That Didn't Deserve To Fail THIS BAD!

9. The Green Knight

Lightyear 2022

Budget: $15 million

Earned: $19 million

When David Lowery took on the directing duties of The Green Knight, he must've been aware the odds were stacked against him. To release a indie flick based on a medieval poem during a pandemic looked like the most efficient way to leave a dent on the filmmaker's career. Because the saga of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight isn't well-known outside Britain, it looked like Lowery's adaptation would struggle with the mainstream audience.

But when the teaser trailer dropped, it felt like The Green Knight was a classic in the making. Based on the awe-inspiring cinematography, imaginative sets, striking imagery, and a uniquely bold direction, many believed Lowery's work would fair better than originally presumed.

At first, that's exactly what happened. On its opening weekend, it raked in nearly double its projections, implying it would be far more than an indie success.

Due to a mixed reception, The Green Knight suffered a massive drop in its second weekend, which continued for the rest of it theatrical tenure. Even though The Green Knight is certainly not for everyone, it's a shame more people didn't give it a shot.

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