10 Recent Movies That Surprised EVERYONE

Whoever expected Zack Snyder's Justice League to be THAT good?

The Tomorrow War

It's easy for we as modern filmgoers to be so horribly cynical and jaded about every movie gearing up for release.

Studies have consistently proven that audiences like to know exactly what they're getting themselves into, hence why so many trailers give away the bulk of the story for free.

But it sure is nice to have your expectations subverted, right? This can be the result of a film that's actually quite different to what the marketing implied, or simply a good deal better than its first impression suggested.

Before the review embargoes lifted and word got out about the true nature of these movies, many had firm ideas set for what they'd turn out to be, but when each was finally released, those expectations were completely confounded.

There's nothing quite like a pleasant surprise of a movie, which skirts past wonky marketing and audience skepticism to deliver something infinitely more interesting and superior.

Not all of these movies are great, mind, but each nevertheless sprung itself on unsuspecting audiences in a way that just about nobody saw coming. In an era where few films are truly surprising anymore, it sure would be great to see more of this...

10. Godzilla Vs. Kong

The Tomorrow War
Warner Bros.

It's easy to forget that Godzilla vs. Kong arrived on a tidal wave of skepticism from fans.

For starters, franchise predecessor Godzilla: King of the Monsters was a colossal disappointment, and considering that Godzilla vs. Kong had already wrapped production before that film even came out, it was easy to assume it would follow a similar tenor.

Extensive reshoots were announced for the film in late 2019, and with rumours circulating that it was possibly being sold to Netflix, it truly seemed like Godzilla vs. Kong was doomed to be another dud blockbuster dumped straight on streaming.

Ultimately the decision was made to release the $200 million tentpole day-and-date in both cinemas and streaming on HBO Max, yet with the pandemic heavily impacting theatrical attendance, it seemed destined to become a catastrophic box office flop.

Shocked we all were, then, when Godzilla vs. Kong received broadly positive reviews, netted an impressive "A" CinemaScore - the highest of the MonsterVerse to date - and, most incredulously of all, grossed $465.8 million worldwide, making it actually profitable.

More than four months after its release, Godzilla vs. Kong remains the second highest-grossing Hollywood blockbuster of 2021 behind only F9, which for a film with a hybrid platform release is frankly miraculous.

Though even optimistic fans assumed Godzilla vs. Kong would be the de facto final entry into the flagging MonsterVerse, its surprise success has Legendary Pictures already talking sequel plans with director Adam Wingard, with Son of Kong reportedly being in consideration.


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