10 Recently Announced Movies That Will Probably Never Happen

These movies are almost certainly never getting made.

Constantine 2 Keanu Reeves
Warner Bros.

Every single week, studios announce exciting new movies that ultimately never end up getting made for a variety of reasons.

As a result, "confirmation" of a film going into development should be taken at face value and nothing more, because until you see photos from the set, there are no guarantees, and if Batgirl is any indication, not even then.

Though there are slam-dunk projects we all know will eventually start shooting, like the two new Avengers sequels, and Hollywood sometimes surprises us by putting unlikely projects into production - such as Francis Ford Coppola's new epic Megalopolis - generally it's smart to follow your gut feeling on apparently "upcoming" movies.

These 10 films were all recently announced to be happening, and yet it's so easy to be skeptical about them ever going before cameras given the logistical, financial, and creative issues the production will face.

After all, the industry has changed a lot in the last few years, and what was reliably profitable in the past isn't so much a sure thing these days. It's certainly possible some of these films do get made, but the smarter money is on them stalling for years before being quietly cancelled...

10. Constantine 2

Constantine 2 Keanu Reeves
Warner Bros.

Though 2005's Keanu Reeves-starring comic book adaptation Constantine received mixed reviews and netted a so-so box office, it's picked up something of a cult following in recent years, surely in part due to Reeves' career resurgence courtesy of the John Wick franchise.

With the action series rejuvenating Reeves' box office viability after years of flops, Warner Bros. announced back in September that Constantine 2 was finally in active development, with Reeves set to return alongside original director Francis Lawrence.

It's certainly a cute idea, and Reeves has reiterated his desire to reprise the role of John Constantine countless times over the years, but given the sheer number of projects J.J. Abrams is attached to produce that never go anywhere, it isn't easy to be optimistic.

Plus, Lawrence was also recently announced to be helming Netflix's adaptation of BioShock and a biopic on the rock band Sublime, and if his upcoming Hunger Games prequel is a success, he'll no doubt be offered a fat payday to direct the sequel(s).

Constantine 2 could of course go ahead without Lawrence if Reeves was willing, but considering the original film came out almost 20 years ago and didn't exactly set the world alight then, is a sequel really going to get off the ground?

There's no way to make a good Constantine movie on the cheap, so Warner Bros. will need to jump in with both feet financially if they're truly committed to bringing this IP back to the big screen - which it's easy to doubt.


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